Investment in the future

Sustainable growth with our European Distribution Center

We continue to invest in the future, because we want to be able to provide still better service to our customers: For instance through the construction of our European Distribution Center (EDC) in Veghel (NL). The EDC will be serving all customers in Northwestern Europe.

The new EDC has a surface area of 11,000 m2,18,000 pallet locations and 10 loading docks. A roofed outdoor space of 3,300 m2 offers additional storage capacity. The smart and state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure ensures quick and semi-automated order processing, which means that we are better able to fulfil the wishes of our customers. 

Our customers will benefit from the following advantages: 


    1. More than 19,000 articles will be available from stock

    2. Optimal availability of products

    3. Quick and complete deliveries

    4. Track & Trace possibilities for following up on orders

    5. Quick and reliable information about the processing of orders

    6. Expansion of our technical services through our own ServiceCenter