Responsible entrepreneur- ship

We make our contribution

We pay attention to the environment, society and the future at MegaGroup. We are, for instance, working on the development of environmentally friendly solutions in our product ranges, we purchase in a responsible way and we are working from an energy-efficient infrastructure at our EDC.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Biogas and geothermal heat are energy-efficient manners of energy generation that continue to gain in popularity. We stock a growing range of PE (electro-welded) pipes and connectors, probes, Perrot connectors and (cast-iron) valves that are specifically designed for these applications.

Wherever necessary, we also work together with specialised suppliers, so that our products perfectly fulfil the wishes of the customers and conform to statutory regulations.

Responsible purchasing

We offer as complete a product range as possible within the markets in which we are active. We purchase products throughout the world to achieve this. We work very closely with many suppliers and we regularly visit their factories, amongst others to ensure that their products are manufactured in a responsible manner.

Energy-efficient EDC

It goes without saying that we heat the EDC with our own geothermal heating system, which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Besides this, we also work with energy-efficient LED lighting in our warehouse. Special charging points have been established at the EDC, for loading the batteries of electric cars.

In short: We are aware of our responsibilities and we make our contribution