Smart gardening & irrigation


Precision and efficient irrigation

Changes in water policy, water availability, climate patterns and increasing crop production has challenged the irrigation industry to use efficient irrigation management systems. Without water, farmers cannot water their crops, and, therefore, cannot provide food for the fast-growing population.  

Our catalog introduces you to new irrigation systems with a focus on precision irrigation. Precision irrigation focuses on saving water while also applying this precisely improving sustainability and your crop production. In this manner we look to improve their productivity, their profitability, and their efficient use of natural resources.

We have years of know how regarding sprinkler systems and drip irrigation, which are suitable for applications in professional agriculture and garden-marketing, sports facilities, parks and public or private gardens.

We deliver a complete range of irrigation materials, all the way from wells to sprinklers. Any conceivable irrigation project can be realised with our products.

Other examples of agricultural applications are:

  • Piping systems for drinking water

  • Manure removal

  • Stable heating

  • Biogas installations