Welcome to our journey

Welcome to MegaGroup! We Bring Water to Life!

We live in a world of plenty! Plenty of water! Nearly 70% of the earth’s surface is water! Freshwater however is extremely rare. Only 2.5% is freshwater of which 25% is lost through leakage, presenting the largest environmental challenge of the 21st century.

We see this as an amazing opportunity to play our role in changing the numbers for the better! Our companies’ possess a broad product range with components for water transport systems, including pipes, fittings, valves and pumps all the way to measuring and control equipment.

In wanting to drive a change in effective use in water, we have made sustainability a factor to our corporate success. Whilst many associate sustainability with expense, we have embraced it as an opportunity to improve profitability and enhance competitiveness.

We have prioritized on minimizing our footprint by focusing on the direct impacts of our operations and strive to provide and develop the most qualitatively sound and efficient products in the segments of our expertise, namely irrigation, swimming pool, water treatment and geothermal. All of this at competitive prices!

We’re curious! We like to solve your water! Because if we solve your water, we are contributing to the saving of fresh water for future generations!