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MegaGroup again rewarded as "Best Employer"


Every year MegaGroup performs an employee satisfaction survey among the employees of MegaGroup Holding and Bosta Holland. Also this year the results are positive and MegaGroup is rewarded with the ‘Best Employer’ certificate.

MegaGroup is very interested in the level of satisfaction of their employees and what improvements can be made to insure and improve the satisfaction. After all, employees who feel good about their job perform better, help customers better and help MegaGroup to grow. That is why MegaGroup performs employee satisfaction surveys every year.

The results are very positive. According to the employee’s evaluation, MegaGroup scores above branch average of ‘trade’ and is therefore rewarded with the certificate ‘Best Employer 2018/2019’.

CEO Bernard Verburg: “We are very proud of this result and it underlines the kind of organization it wants to be: a flat organization with flexibility, challenges and responsibility for the employees, in which personal contact and an informal working atmosphere are important elements”.

MegaGroup will keep on implementing improvement projects to keep the employee satisfaction on a high level.


MegaGroup takes over irrigation wholesaler Grün & Gut in Germany

As of the 1st of January 2019, MegaGroup has taken over Grün & Gut GbR in Bingen, Germany. Grün & Gut is an irrigation wholesaler
, serving installers and professional end users. The take-over fits in the MegaGroup’s strategy to grow both organically and through selective acquisition.

Growth; organically and through selective acquisition
MegaGroup has significant growth aspirations, both organically and through selective acquisition. This involves closely assessing whether a company suits MegaGroup’s vision and strategy. This is certainly the case for Grün & Gut: the deal strengthens the Group’s position in one of its core markets and Grün & Gut’s product range matches to a large extent MegaGroup’s. The company was already a customer of Bevo, a German subsidiary MegaGroup. “Mohammed and Ali Zaim have built Grün & Gut to a well-known, reliable partner for German irrigation professionals and were looking for a partner to realise their future ambitions. We feel that the combination of the Grün & Gut expertise with the commercial and logistical strength of MegaGroup is an excellent opportunity to gain market share effectively in relevant segments; a chance we could not let go by”, explains Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup.

Grün & Gut customers can also buy online
All Grün & Gut customers can already order their products online, but soon the webshop will be transferred to the MegaGroup platform. It will be renewed and professionalised matching the pillars of the MegaGroup strategy: ordering must be convenient, smart and efficient.

The trade name Grün & Gut will be continued in the market and customers will continue to get the expert service and advice from Mohamed and Ali Zaim. The order fulfilment will be done through Bevo/MegaGroup.

About Grün & Gut
Grün & Gut is a leading specialist wholesaler in irrigation systems in Germany and Austria. The company is founded by Mohamed and Ali Zaim in 2012 and is known for its solution selling and advice. The customer group consists out of irrigation installers, growers of crops and orchards and professional end-users. For more information visit www.grünundgut.de.


MegaGroup helps bringing water to life in Kenya

Veghel, 18 December 2018 – Last month, the MegaGroup management team and Amref Health Africa were challenged and guided by Better Future to work together on water projects in Kenya. Over the course of a week objectives and strategies were thought out to help local social business in their attempts to deliver water. This happened with much success. Megagroup and Amref have embraced each other in a bid to materialize the development of a social business model through the installation of drinking water boreholes across Kenya suitable for consumption, sanitation and irrigation.

Kenya, situated on the east coast of the African continent counts 46 million inhabitants. Despite significant developments within the country, 41 percent of Kenyans still depend on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and rivers, while 59 percent of Kenyans use unimproved sanitation solutions. These challenges are especially evident in the rural areas and the urban slums. With only 9 out of 55 public water service providers in Kenya able to provide continuous water, many are left to their own to find solutions to fulfill  their basic needs.

In rural areas people often have to walk 2 hours for water for drinking and cooking, sparing them little time and energy to engage in other activities such as irrigating fields and growing their crops. But even in remote and poor areas, water is often handled as a social enterprise. Villages together help build water projects and have to pay for the use of it.

Amref teams up with African communities to create lasting health change. Its local team consists of people from all over Kenya working on improving water and health in their region. Their engagement is often backed through their personal and conscious struggle with water scarcity.

MegaGroup, together with Amref and the entrepreneurial spirit of the local people, have developed a new-to-build business model to make drinking water available to many parts of Kenya for consumption, sanitation and irrigation. The ambition is to improve the lives of people in 1,000 communities over the next three years.

For MegaGroup, this partnership with Amref is a huge step in its attempts to solve the water problems of those in need. It refuses to accept that water is scarce and see it as their purpose to make water accessible to improve the lives of people.

MegaGroup is the holding organization for seven technical wholesale companies across Europe dealing in water distribution systems. Over 250 employees service customers in irrigation, water treatment, geothermal and the swimming pool business every day to bring water to life in the most efficient and effective way. In and outside Europe.

Better Future is a Leadership & Strategy consultancy specialized in designing and facilitating learning experiences on purpose driven growth. Based in the Netherlands, operating globally. Connecting Companies with NGO’s/not for profits, initiating social impact. Better Future is a certified B-Corp.

Amref Health Africa is an international health organisation founded and headquartered in Kenya. With over half a century of experience in delivering healthcare and building health systems in Africa, Amref Health Africa supports those at the heart of communities, particularly women and children, to bring about lasting health change.

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MegaGroup helps inhabitants of Kerala with clean drinking water

Last week, the southern Indian state of Kerala has endured its worst monsoon rain with heavy flooding. This caused a large drinking water shortage. Together with Rotary Club of Cochin Suburb Trust, MegaGroup has sent 3 water filtration units to the affected area to help the local residents with clean drinking water.

Since August 8 it has not stopped raining in the southern Indian state of Kerala. More than 800,000 people have fled the area and have found shelter in one of the 4,000 tent camps the authorities have organized. Until now the flooding -the worst one in 100 years- has taken more than 350 lives.

The flooding has caused a large shortage in drinking water. Two trains filled with 1,5 million liters of drinking water are on their way to the affected area in the South-West of the country. Clean drinking water is a basic need and at MegaGroup we work together with people from Kerala. That is why this situation touches our hart directly. Together with one of our suppliers and the Rotary Club of Cochin Suburb Trust, we have sent 3 portable water filtration devices to Kerala. These units can produce up to 5,000 liters of clean drinking water per day and they don’t need power. We hope these devices will help a large number of victims in the suburbs of the area.

MegaGroup is the holding organization of, among others, Bosta UK. Water technique is our passion and it is our mission to make water available to improve the lives of people. Our focus areas are water treatment, irrigation, geothermics and swimming pool.

flooding kerala

 Picture source: The Guardian