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MegaGroup helps inhabitants of Kerala with clean drinking water

Last week, the southern Indian state of Kerala has endured its worst monsoon rain with heavy flooding. This caused a large drinking water shortage. Together with Rotary Club of Cochin Suburb Trust, MegaGroup has sent 3 water filtration units to the affected area to help the local residents with clean drinking water.

Since August 8 it has not stopped raining in the southern Indian state of Kerala. More than 800,000 people have fled the area and have found shelter in one of the 4,000 tent camps the authorities have organized. Until now the flooding -the worst one in 100 years- has taken more than 350 lives.

The flooding has caused a large shortage in drinking water. Two trains filled with 1,5 million liters of drinking water are on their way to the affected area in the South-West of the country. Clean drinking water is a basic need and at MegaGroup we work together with people from Kerala. That is why this situation touches our hart directly. Together with one of our suppliers and the Rotary Club of Cochin Suburb Trust, we have sent 3 portable water filtration devices to Kerala. These units can produce up to 5,000 liters of clean drinking water per day and they don’t need power. We hope these devices will help a large number of victims in the suburbs of the area.

MegaGroup is the holding organization of, among others, Bosta UK. Water technique is our passion and it is our mission to make water available to improve the lives of people. Our focus areas are water treatment, irrigation, geothermics and swimming pool.

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 Picture source: The Guardian