We are skilled and ambitious

Companies throughout Europe

More than 200 employees, working in group companies located in 7 countries throughout Europe, make their know-how and experience available to our customers each and every day, giving them quick and efficient support.

Strong partner

  • We procure our products as a group, which means that we have substantial purchasing power. This is not only interesting for our suppliers; also the customers of our group companies benefit from our extremely competitive prices

  • Know-how, experience and 'best practices' are shared within the group, which leads to an improved service level for our customers

  • Our group companies are perfectly capable of supporting customer projects throughout Europe

  • MegaGroup Holding supports the group companies with marketing, financing, housing and logistics, as well as product management, HRM and ICT. This helps our branch offices to have their hands free for doing what they are best in: Advising customers with their thorough know-how of our products and the local market

Our ambition

We have a clear vision and serious growth ambitions. We want to be seen by our customers as one of the top 5 players in our target markets: A player that provides a relevant product range at competitive prices, including good service by an excellent commercial team. In this way we aim to help our customers grow their business.