Partnering with focus and value

Creating relationships

The Group places extreme importance in satisfying the over 20,000 customers we have around the world. They are our eyes and ears in the field. As we seek to provide the best quality products, information and services at a great value, we regularly measure their satisfaction with our products and our relationship. In this way we know whether we are living up to our expectations.

Efficient logistics

The construction of our European Distribution Center in Veghel has a surface area of 11,000 m2, 18,000 pallet locations and 10 loading docks. A roofed outdoor space of 3,300 m2 offers additional storage capacity. The smart and state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure ensures quick and semi-automated order processing, which means that we are better able to fulfil the wishes of our customers.

Working with Suppliers

Working in partnership with our suppliers in order to have best-in-class capabilities, sustainable practices and innovation is of vital importance to them and us. To offer a complete as possible product range within the markets in which we are active, we engage with our suppliers closely and regularly visit their factories. Our partners share our principles-based approach to business and supply us with critical materials as well as essential goods and services.

Wherever necessary, we also work together with specialized suppliers, so that our products perfectly fulfil the wishes of the customers and conform to statutory regulations.

As a responsible company we strive to have strict buying agreements with our suppliers and help them to achieve the highest ethical standards. We work closely with nearly 150 suppliers from around the world and aim to adhere them to sustainable employment practices, health and safety, quality of product and environmental performance.

Working with non-governmental organizations

Non-governmental organizations do tremendous and meaningful work. We want to increase our involvement in community engagement programs. We want to grow alongside non-governmental organizations that make sense to our business and focus on environmental initiatives or in helping communities grow towards a sustainable future.

NGOs can lean on our ability to create complete water technical installations. We provide design support from initial concept through installation assistance and maintenance plans and documentation. Doing business with a social impact is at the core of our beliefs. We want to skill workers during installation so that the information remains within reach for future projects.

In short: we welcome the opportunity to work with NGO’s, to learn from each other and to amplify the results of our efforts.