Heads together

Delivering quality and value around the world

Making an impact

Mega Group Export plays a key part in the growth and ambition of MegaGroup. Building on a significant presence in Europe, MegaGroup Export currently sells to many countries outside of the EU, such as Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Curacao and Ukraine, and is starting up activities in South-East Europe as well as in Africa.

We partner with distributors as well as team-up in projects, where our knowledge is as valued as our complete scope of high quality products. We are knowledgeable about all necessary export documents and deliver to any location in the world. We alleviate companies of the burden of searching for multiple suppliers, allowing them to focus on their business. Our goal: To create sustainable solutions that enable profitable exploitation over the entire project life whilst preventing water loss.

In fulfilling our goal of creating sustainable solutions we provide design support from initial concept through installation assistance and maintenance plans and documentation. This is to ensure proper functionality of equipment and facilities as well as to reduce the rate of deterioration. After evaluating your needs and budget we will work with you to come up with a full concept.

On top of this we believe in the concept of giving a man a rod and not a fish. At MegaGroup Export we are open to and keen on engaging with local partners to train their team. Doing business with a social impact is at the core of our beliefs. We want to skill locals with the know how needed so that the information remains within reach for future projects, which becomes a source of economic growth and employment for the local economy.